Electronic Services
Personal Teller
Within the Jackson local calling area dial (517) 787-INFO (4636) or nationwide (800) 572-EASY (3279), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to get telephone access to your accounts. You can get balances, transaction history, see what checks have cleared, transfer funds, place a stop payment on a check, order more checks, and much more with a simple, easy, and free phone call. Stop in our main office to have one of our friendly staff demonstrate how Personal Teller works!!

Click here for a list of codes to complete your transaction or inquiries without listening to menu options.

Online Bill Pay
Bill Pay gives you the opportunity to set-up the payment schedule for each bill differently. You can choose to make payments one at a time or schedule monthly deductions on the date of your choosing. No more late payment fees! It’s easy and cost effective - no stamps or gas money required!

Click here for instructions to set up Online Bill Pay.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Electronic deposits and withdrawals makes your life easier. No more running to the Credit Union after work to deposit or cash your payroll check. Your money is deposited and available on the day your employer has scheduled for your deposit to take place. No worries about your bill payments being late or getting lost in the mail. They are automatically withdrawn from your account on the day indicated by the company you are paying funds to.

Web Services
Our website services provide our members and non-members information about who we are, what we do, and information on the financial services we offer. We also include links and resources to other websites that we believe will be helpful. Click here to go directly to our Resource Center page.

ATM Card
Easy, quick access to cash 24 hours a day is simple when you have a SCCU ATM Card. By using any of the Service Center (CO-OP) Network ATM's, you can avoid a surcharge that is usually applied by other banks who own ATM's. No more waiting in teller lines on payday when you can stop by an ATM to get quick cash from your account. Going overseas? No problem, just look for the Cirrus logo.

Debit MasterCard
There are some things money can't buy for everything else there's Mastercard®

SCCU ATM Card just gets better. With a Debit MasterCard you have no more worrying if you don't have any checks left in your checkbook. Just one little card to carry. No high interest rates like a credit card, but you benefit with the convenience. You can use your Debit MasterCard at any merchant who accepts MasterCard. Because many merchants do not accept out-of-state checks, simply use your signature-base debit card to make your purchase. Remember to record all transactions in your check register.
* Certain restrictions and qualifications apply.

Credit Union Family Service Centers®
The Cooperative Spirit In Action
SCCU is a participating member of Service Centers Corporation (SCC), now part of the(CO-OP) Network. This cooperative enables credit unions to provide more convenient locations for their members through this unique network. 26 branch locations offer extended hours, including Saturday hours from 9:00am to 2:00pm and the Jackson branch includes a drive-up. Click here to learn more about the Family Service Centers and locations and the services they offer.

Wire Transfers
Need funds transferred in or from your account? We offer wire transfer services that allow you to quickly move funds from or to your account. For the fastest transfer of funds, domestic wire requests must be in by 3:00 pm and for international wires, your wire requests must be in by 10:00 am. Information you need for outgoing wires include: financial institution name and address, their routing and transit number, and the account number and beneficiary name (name on the account) to where the funds are to be deposited.