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Primary Shares
At South Central CU, we strive to establish the lowest fees and easiest-to-use account structure possible for all of our savings account. We don't charge you any below minimum balance fees on any savings account and there are no monthly maintenance fees. Your savings account is credited with a great dividend rate each month, based on a daily balance. A balance of $100 or more is required to earn dividends.

Checking Accounts with Overdraft Protection
Right Start Account
Your Credit Union wants to help you get off to a right start financially. That's why we've designed an account aimed at meeting your needs. This account is for young adults, ages 16 to 22.Other benefits include premium savings rate, no check cashing fee, free checking, and a free ATM Card

Money Market Account
If you have at least $2,500.00 and want a higher rate of return on your money, but want to keep your funds available for use, consider opening a SCCU Money Market account. See our current savings rate schedule to see how much more you could be earning by depositing funds into this account.

Christmas Club
By saving a little each payday, you can ease the stress of post-seasonal debts. For example, if you get paid biweekly and you distribute $20 a pay into your Christmas Club, you would have $520.00 in 26 pay periods to use for your seasonal spending. Funds are usually distributed during the first week of November. Make your holiday shopping a little more fun by opening a Christmas Club account today!!

Vacation Club
Summer vacations mean summer fun. Make your vacation easier to manage by putting back a little funds each payday to your Vacation Club account. By putting in $20 every two weeks from payroll distribution, you will end up with $520 in 26 pay periods. So whether it be a cool mountain walk, a seaside cruise, or surfing the waves, use automatic payroll distribution to start saving today to make your next vacation more enjoyable!!

Certificates of Deposit
We offer 3, 6 & 9 month CD's as well as 1,2,3,4, and 5 year certificate of deposit terms. Our rates are competitive and your funds earn dividends on a monthly basis. You may re-invest your dividends into your CD or deposit them into a savings account. There is a penalty for early withdrawal so be sure to read over the Membership and Account agreement. See our current rate schedule for more information.

Individual Retirement Accounts
Use South Central to open up a Traditional, Roth, or Educational IRA. You may invest in 3 different ways--either in to an IRA CD, in a savings premium money market, or in a market index certificate (stock market). Ask for our Membership and Account agreement for more information or contact one of our IRA Representatives to help you.

** For qualified barrowers only. Other restrictions may apply